Three health districts in Namibia’s Kharas region have recorded an impressive combined average COVID-19 recovery rate of 95.4%, a feat which the regional governor, Aletha Frederick, referred to as encouraging and commendable.

The Governor disclosed this when receiving her second jab against the coronavirus at Keetmanshoop state hospital, with the districts including Karasburg with a recovery rate of 98%, Keetmanshoop with 94%, and L├╝deritz with 95%. She noted that it showed a clear indication that citizens of the region are strictly adhering to the prescribed health protocols and hammered on the need for everyone to be vaccinated.

The Governor cautioned that being vaccinated should not be abused or used as a license to neglect COVID19 prevention practices such as washing or sanitizing hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance, as this is imperative to curb further spread of the virus.

“In as much as we attend celebrations, weddings, and funerals, we should always make sure to follow these health protocols to contain the virus,” she said.

Upon receiving her second jab of the vaccine, the Governor gave assurances that her status is fine and without any side effects since getting her first jab. She explained that vaccination is a common practice in the region as children are also vaccinated against measles and polio, therefore, people must emulate these youngsters by getting vaccinated.